Course Description

The 12-week Marketing Course and Community is for purpose-driven and savvy solopreneurs who are ready to build strong marketing strategies with tools and tips to go from stagnation to that specific spark your business needs to ignite its full potential.

The Reality and Revelation

Instructor | Carla Williams, MBA

With 15 years experience in global marketing and business in both corporate and public sector institutions, I realized that that there will always be a proverbial ceiling, a ceiling that someone else will always place on you. No amount of promotions, projects or titles will ever give you the full purpose, passion or freedom you really know that your gift or business deserves.

Being a solopreneur, entrepreneur or business owner can be scary. It’s not comfortable. It’s not easy. And, truthfully, there’s no guarantee that it will work out. But you have to do the work.

I want to empower you with marketing tools and tips to encourage you to take your business to the next level. Plus, I’m bringing the expertise I’ve used to build other global organizations and brands to you all in one place to engage with the content at your own pace.

My hope is that are able to apply every marketing concept learned in this course so that you grow your business in ways unimaginable. My passion has always been to help and serve others. By creating Marketing Made Simple, I have unpacked proven marketing ideas and strategies that I’ve learned while earning my MBA and successfully managed in my career so that you, my friend, can effectively reach the masses with your product, service or message.

I’m here! Cheering you on, creating a platform to ask questions and get marketing advice, and building a community of solopreneurs that strengthen and support each other.

Do not have regrets. Join in the mission of Marketing Made Simple.
 The Reality and Revelation

This course is for you if

  • You have a purpose, great product and want to reach the masses

    You’ve wanted to start a business or have started, but stuck with how to effectively market.

  • You have unlimited ideas and potential but a limited marketing budget

    Let’s face it. We’re solopreneurs, so budgets are real. This course will teach you how to do more with less. Tap into your creative genius to market without the expenses.

  • You see your business thriving. You just need some help

    You’ve created the marketing plan. You’ve done the work. You just need some advice, encouragement and a community of supporters that have been down that road.

  • You are at a fork in the road on the map to success

    There’s so many marketing tools, articles, and resources out there today that you don’t really know what’s right for your business.

  • You want to take your marketing to the next level

    Maybe you’ve spent money on marketing already but nothing happened. Or you’ve tried one social media platform and it’s not working.

  • You are ready to crush your goals

    You’ve waited and waited. You’ve sat on the idea. You put it away. A few years passed. You keep getting the tug. You came back to the business. You've made your employer look amazing, but now you are ready to make your business amazing.

Enroll Now. Here’s what’s included.

The 6-week course module will help you make progress (we celebrate all wins, and triumph perfection) in your marketing, build a community with other solopreneurs, and grow your business by implementing strong marketing strategies that are simple, yet effective.

  • Best 6 weeks for your business. I call it, "the six-week MBA in Marketing"! No need to take out school loans, spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, or relocate across the country. School is coming to you at the comfort of your space and at a time that works best for you. Even if you’re juggling other responsibilities, this course is designed to assist you with marketing your business no matter the circumstances.

  • Access to course content for 12 weeks. Plus, priority to any NEW content that will be added if marketing techniques, platforms and resources change.

  • Private online community. This is golden! Community is where it’s happening. In this community, you will be able to tons of collaboration, coaching, and cheering from other savvy solopreneurs that are ready to see you succeed. It’s private, powerful and will keep you on your toes because you’ll have a community that you are accountable to.

  • Weekly fun sheets. Marketing is fun! I’ve created “fun sheets” aka homework that will help guide you on the journey of building strong marketing. Downloadable action plans will help you put feet to the idea. So no more sitting on the idea friend!

  • The List. I have curated a list of resources, strategies, and suggestions to help you make marketing simple. From marketing plan templates to design websites to project management tools to social media apps that will save you countless hours of headache and worry.

  • Marketing consultation. One 30 minute consultation call with Carla to help you work through marketing ideas and discuss next steps. This gift is available at any point during your six-week journey of the course.

The Investment

Well, anything worthwhile will cost something. Otherwise, we’d all take it for granted…right?

So you have options.

  • 1. Hire a marketing agency. Agencies charge $2K - 15K per month on retainer.

  • 2. Hire a graphics team. Designers charge $500 - 2K per month on retainer.

  • 3. Purchase Marketing Made Simple. Apply marketing basics at anytime, without delay. Save tens of thousands of dollars. Speak directly to your audience in your voice. Start changing lives.


"Carla is an experienced marketing professional who brings the full weight of her expertise and experience to any project she engages. She is strategic, solution-oriented and adds unmatched creative insight to projects.”

Tashion, President, strut AGENCY

"Carla Williams was a great help to my business! I was spinning my wheels, but she provided the tools needed to push my growing business in the right direction. She was professional, organized and offered a creative approach to my marketing needs. 

With her guidance and attention to marketing details for my business, we were able to come up with a marketing plan that contributed to growth and an increase in sales.”

-Marcia, CEO, Keechii Bags

“I enjoyed the learning environment because it allowed us all to bounce ideas off each other to get a better understanding of marketing as a whole.  Thank you Professor Williams for a great class!”

-Marketing Student, University of Mount Olive

“I really appreciate the words of encouragement.  It means so very much.  It was a pleasure taking your class.  I learned and retained a lot.  You were a great teacher and I am certain that you have left your mark on countless others.”

-Business Student, University of Mount Olive 

Bonus material

We've prepared this course to see you win PLUS we're giving away additional bonuses for FREE! Just because...

  • 30 minute consultation | $150 value

    You get to pick Carla's brain and ask any questions necessary to take your marketing to the next level. One 30 minute consultation call to help you work through ideas and discuss next steps. This gift is available at any point during your six-week journey of the course.

  • The Solopreneur Redefined eBook | $20 value

    Time, for work-at-home solopreneurs, is their single most valuable asset. Nothing can replace time…valuable, precious time! I've written this eBook to help all solopreneurs save time and get more done.


  • What do I need for the course?

    Laptop or computer. Your drive. Goals. A business idea that you're ready to build strong marketing with.

  • Is the course live?

    No. It's six, self-paced, recorded modules. You can dive into the course anytime and anywhere. And, you can replay the modules as your marketing changes.

  • Will Carla be available to answer questions?

    No, just kidding! Of course! I'll be available and ready to help!

Course Price

We're here for you and we're flexible. Pay in full or two payments.